Exercise and Stretch!

Elder Care Orlando FL-Epic Elders do not have to sit out the race. They can work to achieve a better quality of life through exercise and stretching, which they can practice at the nearest YMCA or at home with exercise DVDs or friendly coaches.

How Seniors Can Make Aging in Place During Retirement Easier

Home Care Orlando FL-Aging in place can be a great option for retirement. After all, you’ve put so much love and effort into making your house a home, so why not enjoy it throughout your golden years? So, take some simple steps to lessen your chances of experiencing a serious fall.

My Grandmother Got a Second Chance

Senior Care Orlando FL-All the affection and affirmation my Grandmama withheld from her own son she gave freely to me. Being a grandmother gave her a second chance at being a loving and giving adult in a little one’s life. Thank God for second chances!

Benefits of Caregiver Support Groups

Caregiver Apopka FL-Nobody said being a caregiver was easy, but the person who is the hardest on you is most likely you. A caregiver support group can help.

Old and Gnarly Can Be So Beautiful!

Homecare Orlando FL-Growing old creates opportunities to share a wealth of wisdom of lives well-lived. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Even Best Facilities Fall Short – There’s No Place Like Home!

Home Health Care Orlando FL-At Flourish in Place, we strive to provide excellent care and more. Our goal is to pave the way for your elders to Flourish in their sunset years. After all, sunsets are some of the most beautiful times of the day!

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