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Brain Care Program Summary

Background and Purpose

Flourish in Place’s mission is to engage seniors’ bodies, minds, and spirits, to help them lead dignified, quality lives in their chosen home environment. Flourish’s unique Brain Care Program is one way Flourish fulfills this mission. Flourish offers its unique program of individualized brain care for two segments of the aging population:

  • People diagnosed with or experiencing dementia, and

  • Cognitively healthy seniors seeking to maintain brain health.

Addressing Cognitive Decline

Scientific research suggests behavioral and lifestyle activities can reduce the risk of dementia and may even slow progression of dementia. Studies support positive late-life benefits from:

  • Cardiovascular exercise, nutrition, hydration, sleep

  • Cognitive training activities, and

  • Socialization and support

Benefits of Brain Care Activities

Strengths-based coaching can prolong functioning in people with early memory loss, and may delay cognitive declines. Importantly, these activities often elevate the client’s self-esteem, while reducing stress for family caregivers, resulting in enhanced qualify of life for clients and their families.

Personalized Plan of Care

Flourish in Place provides a Masters-level counselor (Brain Care Coach) who is experienced in supporting individuals suffering from varying forms and degrees of cognitive impairment. The Brain Care Coach develops an individualized daily activities plan through:

  • Reviewing records and consulting with multidisciplinary professional team

  • Performing an interests inventory and quality-of-life assessment, and

  • Conducting in-depth interviews with client, care partners, other family members.

Individualized plans will vary depending on the client’s individual interests, life history, cognitive strengths and weaknesses, level of impairment, and form and phase of dementia.

Team Implementation

Flourish’s Brain Care Coach provides special additional training for Program caregivers, in coordination with training and supervision they receive for their personal care duties from our Registered Nurse. The Brain Care Coach supervises Flourish’s caregivers, who facilitate the client’s personalized daily activity plan. Cognitive and quality-of-life outcomes are measured at regular intervals. Plan adjustments are made as needed.

Note: Additional fees apply for intake, assessment, development of personalized plan of care, and ongoing supervision by Flourish’s Brain Care Coach.